We'll take care of your regulatory workplace pension duties

Combining world-class customer service with AllMyBenefits, you can outsource the running of your UK workplace pension with the confidence that your regulatory tasks will be delivered accurately and on time, every time.

And, of course with AllMyBenefits, our customer service team will be on hand to answer all your people's queries throughout the year.

We'll ensure your business remains compliant

Our dedicated Customer Service team will ensure that all your legislative requirements are delivered accurately and on time, every time, meeting your regulatory duties with The Pensions Regulator each month.


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We'll focus on data accuracy

We’ll undertake a comprehensive data validation each month. This includes uploading your pay data and checking it for accuracy, managing opt-in and opt-outs, running assessments, and issuing payroll deduction schedules to your payroll system. We’ll also compile contribution reports and issue them to the provider.