nudge notifications

Targeted, personalised messaging for each and every one of your people

personalised employee benefits communications

Your automated employee benefits engagement machine

Combining data and powerful algorithms, AllMyBenefits identifies key data triggers in your people’s working lives and then sends out tailored Nudge messages, creating a personalised communications strategy for each of your people.

Think of AllMyBenefits as your very own employee benefits engagement machine, running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

personalised employee benefits communications

Identifying key moments in your peoples lives

The AllMyBenefits ‘Nudge’ communication tool provides personalised, targeted reminders to your people at key moments in their working lives where your employee benefits can support them, or when they can take an action to improve their outcomes.

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personalised employee benefits communications

Keeping your people engaged with their employee benefits

Keeping your people engaged with their employee benefits can be especially challenging when you’re addressing unique needs at different times in people’s working lives.

Whether it's changes to family circumstances, a new home or a pay rise at work, Nudges highlight how your employee benefits are there to support every individual, through each life event.

personalised employee benefits communications

Powered by just one monthly data feed

Say goodbye to multiple monthly data sets. AllMyBenefits uses just one.

AllMyBenefits takes just one monthly data feed to power Nudges and your benefits hub. Our Customer Service Team use the same data to manage the day-to-day running of all your employee benefits and workplace pension. This means your HR Team will have more time to focus on what matters most - your people. 



personalised employee benefits communications

Nudges to help your people plan for the future

These Nudges help your people understand the importance of saving for their future, and how to build a healthy retirement fund, whilst helping them stay on track with their goals throughout their working life.

personalised employee benefits communications

Nudges to support your people's wellbeing

When your people experience various life events, AllMyBenefits triggers Nudges to encourage them to engage with the employee benefits that can offer them additional support. 

personalised employee benefits communications

Nudges to identify tax issues before they arise

These Nudges identify potential tax issues for your people, helping them to take action before they become a problem.