employee benefits hub platform

The perfect home for all your employee benefits

employee benefits hub platform

Make your employee benefits more accessible

The mobile friendly employee benefits hub, designed with your benefits brand in mind, is the perfect home for your workplace pension and all your employee benefits.

Written in plain English, the hub provides easy-to-understand information about your employee benefits, focusing on why and how your benefits can support your people’s mental, physical and financial wellbeing… and ensuring they make more informed decisions about the great benefits you offer.

employee benefits hub platform

Help your people make more informed decisions

The hub gives your people easy to understand information about their employee benefits, focusing on why and how your benefits can support their mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

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employee benefits hub platform

Drive engagement with your employee benefits

Let's not lie, pensions and employee benefits can be difficult to understand or appreciate at the times when your people might need them.

With the AllMyBenefits hub, we break each benefit down into digestible sections, providing easy-to-follow signposting, video explainers and clickable links to take action. Each page also contains all the finer details about each benefit you offer and is kept right up to date, using your one monthly data feed.

workplace financial wellbeing

A platform to deliver financial wellbeing

The AllMyBenefits hub gives you the perfect platform to host your financial wellbeing initiatives, whether it’s live sessions to help people manage their money or registering for a retirement planning event, or even access to mortgage advice.

AllMyBenefits is the perfect tool to help raise your people’s financial knowledge and make more informed financial decisions.

employee benefits hub platform

As your employee benefits evolve, so will your hub

We'll ensure your benefits hub is synced with all your employee benefits, so as your strategy and proposition evolves, your people will always have access to the most up-to date information. And when you add new benefits, like magic, they will appear automatically on your hub.